Kevin McCarthy Linked To Powerful CCP In China, Report Finds

( House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has links to a powerful operative in the CCP, according to a report by National File. Nothing goes ahead without the California congressman’s say-so and neither does the selection of the GOP’s “top brass.”

A lieutenant for the GOP in California, Chung Cheng Kuo, reportedly has many ties to the Chinese-connected innovation space, such as Zhongguancun (ZGC – also called Zhong Guan Cun) which operates in Beijing and is controlled by the district’s municipal government.

The municipal government is reportedly synonymous with the CCP.

“The Beijing Municipal People’s Congress follows the guidance of the local CCP in issuing administrative orders, collecting taxes, determining the budget, and implementing economic plans,” according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

The entity has been identified by Donald Trump’s US Trade Representative and Elsa Kaniaas as being linked to the theft of intellectual property in the U.S. by China.

Kuo, the state party’s vice chair, and Jessica Patterson, the party’s chairwoman, are considered McCarthy’s allies. Former U.S. Senate candidate Tim Donnelly confirmed McCarthy’s connections to these two high-ranking GOP officials, saying that nothing gets done without McCarthy’s say-so.

Kuo is also the co-founder of a cryptocurrency called JDX Coin with the intention of raising one hundred million dollars backed by jade statues. Charles Robinson is the other founder who reportedly presents at the ZGC Innovation Center. Robinson reportedly wrote a “China First” report on maintaining American companies in China.

McCarthy appears to be “cozy” with Big Tech and CCP-backed operatives, according to the outlet. In the wake of criticism facing the Republican establishment, McCarthy reportedly asked Twitter to censor the party’s critics.

A California U.S. Senate candidate told National File that McCarthy is the Republican Party’s version of Kamala Harris, adding that he has done nothing for the state of California.