Kevin McCarthy Responds To Rumors About George Santos

( Last Wednesday, just hours after Nassau County Republicans called on Congressman George Santos to step down, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy said he would not urge Santos to resign his seat.

When asked whether he would accept Santos’ resignation if it was offered, McCarthy said it would be up to Santos to decide whether or not to resign. He said Santos should be allowed to “move through” the Ethics Committee investigation before making that decision.

McCarthy said while Santos is eligible to serve on a House committee, he would not be serving on any of the more prestigious panels.

Earlier in the day, Nassau County Republicans held a press conference where they urged Santos to resign his seat, calling him a “fraud” who lied about his background and opened himself up to ethics complaints and criminal investigations.

Nassau County Republican Chair Joseph Cairo said that Santos “disgraced the House of Representatives” and ran a campaign of “deceit, lies, and fabrication” to win New York’s 3rd Congressional District.

New York State Republican Party Chair Nick Langworthy, who is now a member of Congress, later said that it was “clear” that Santos “cannot be an effective representative.”

McCarthy also got a bit irritated with reporters after he was asked if he planned to discipline Santos, asking “What are the charges against him?”

McCarthy reminded reporters that, in America, someone is “innocent till proven guilty.” He said the voters are the ones with the power. They “made the decision” and Santos “has the right to serve here.”

McCarthy added that if it does turn out that Santos did something wrong, “then we’ll deal with that at that time.”

That same day, during another reporter ambush, Santos was asked by ABC’s Rachel Scott if he would resign, prompting Santos to snap that he would not.

Scott followed up by asking Santos why he won’t resign when his fellow New York Republicans are calling him a “disgrace.”