Kevin McCarthy Responds To Rumors About George Santos

( The Nassau County Republican Party in New York have said that newly-elected Representative George Santos should resign from his position due to the fact that he lied about his experience and resume during the election.

Santos has rejected those calls for him to step down thus far, and he actually has a powerful supporter in his corner — House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

On Wednesday, McCarthy appeared on Fox News and said that Santos should remain in Congress unless investigators are able to uncover “something that rises to the occasion that he did something wrong.”

Apparently, the lying and deceit of voters is not enough for McCarthy to believe that Santos isn’t fit for the job. Santos also has said thus far that he has no plans on resigning.

According to a report from Aishah Hasnie, a congressional correspondent for Fox News,

“[Santos] told us … that he will not be stepping down, and it sounds like he’s not going to get really any pressure from GOP House leadership. We will tell you what Kevin McCarthy told us earlier today. Santos tweeted this a short time ago, “I was elected to serve the people of New York Three. Not the party and politicians. I remain committed to doing that. I will not resign.'”

Despite the calls from the local GOP for Santos to resign, sources have told CNN that McCarthy and other GOP House leadership are aware of the fact that if the congressman were to step down, a special election would have to be held in the district. That would open up the possibility that the GOP could actually lose a seat in this Congress that they just won — since President Joe Biden carried that district back in 2020.

The source told CNN:

“It’s a simple numbers game for leadership right now.”

In addition to the calls for him to resign, Santos is also facing official complaints. Democratic Representatives Daniel Goldman and Ritchie Torres of New York filed a complaint with the House Ethics Committee, asking for an investigation to be conducted into the financial disclosure reports that Santos filed.

Santos responded to that by saying he’s “done nothing unethical.”

Earlier in the week, campaign watchdog group the Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint of their own with the Federal Election Commission over Santos. They accused him of using some of his campaign funds illegally, to pay for some personal expenses.

They also said he concealed the sources of $700,000 of campaign donations, and that the campaign also falsified how it spent the funds that it raised.

Other complaints have been filed by a group that includes American Bridge 21st Century, which urges a full investigation of Santos’ financial disclosure reports that occurred while he was running for the House.

End Citizens United has also alleged that the New York representative didn’t file complete and accurate financial disclosure reports for his campaign.