Kevin McCarthy Will Be Replaced, Congressman Says

( The Stew Peters Show has become a top choice for America First lawmakers looking to address the American People directly.

Rep. Bob Good (VA-5) of the Freedom Caucus appeared on Peters’ nationally syndicated show and vowed never to vote for GOP establishment leader Kevin McCarthy to be Speaker of the House. He warned the host that if McCarthy doesn’t resign first, for the nation’s sake, he will lose the vote on the House floor on January 3.

Rep. Bob Good of the Freedom Caucus has been one of the lawmakers leading the opposition to establishment leader Kevin McCarthy’s speakership campaign, forging a solid and enduring opposition with other House conservatives who swear that McCarthy, who is connected to the CCP and receives funding from FTX, will NEVER be Speaker of the House.

Good also expressed confidence that his conservative colleagues will stand tall alongside him on January 3rd.

Rep. Good told Stew Peters that he told his colleagues, the twenty or so who are involved in this movement, that they will remember what they do on January 3rd and beyond “for the rest of our lives.”

The Freedom Caucus representative from Virginia continued by saying they must rise to the challenge of attempting to bring about transformational change, to defeat the swamp cartel, the uni-party, by doing what hasn’t been done in a century: deny the next in line the vote for Speaker on the House floor.

“We take down that supposed favorite for that position in order to bring about true transformational change,” said Good.

Rep. Good declared, “We will remember for the rest of our lives that we stood strong and dealt a blow to the uni-party, the swamp cartel. If not, the nation will suffer for decades, if not forever, because “we capitulated and we stumbled.”

He said it is absolutely crucial,  and they won’t waver.

“We’ll maintain our resolve, prevent Kevin McCarthy from becoming speaker, and replace him with a better speaker who will work with us to save the Republic and reform the way Congress operates,” proclaimed Good.

Good declared, “I can tell you, I will not vote for him,” forecasting McCarthy’s denial of the gavel and eventual replacement by a more qualified leader on January 3.