Kevin Spacey Reportedly Thrown Against The Wall By Alleged Victim

According to testimony presented in court, a “very arrogant” Kevin Spacey sexually grabbed a guy “like a cobra” at a West End theater. 

The 63-year-old actor has been accused of attacking four men between 2001 and 2013 “for his sexual gratification.”

The jury has been told that the actor is a “sexual bully” who enjoyed making his attack victims feel “powerless and uncomfortable.”

Southwark Crown Court heard that Spacey grabbed, squeezed, and touched the genitalia and buttocks of his four victims while they were undressed.

Most of the alleged attacks occurred when he was Artistic Director at The Old Vic.

Spacey’s third alleged victim testified this afternoon that the two-time Oscar winner grabbed his privates like grabbing a cobra. He said the actor sexually assaulted him twice on March 20, 2005, after staring at his crotch and asking him filthy questions.

The two first met on Boxing Day, 2004, during a dress rehearsal for a benefit performance for tsunami victims.

The second victim detailed how American Beauty actor Kevin Spacey raped him in the actor’s Cotswolds vacation house.

Spacey allegedly touched the man’s crotch and told him, “Be cool. Be cool,” after they had a double shot of Jack Daniels on the rocks.

On the fourth day of the trial, a man testified via video, telling the jury that the alleged attack at Spacey’s hands was “shocking and very surprising.”

He claims the actor’s little dog ‘shot out’ when he unlocked doors at the Cotswolds home, prompting him to rescue it.

After returning the dog to its original room, all I can recall doing is turning around. I was stunned and wanted to get out of there as soon as it happened.

According to him, Spacey hugged him.

He said he patted him on the back a few times. He didn’t feel as at ease in the embrace but didn’t want to be rude because he was in his house. Then, he reached up and grasped my crotch after saying, “be cool, be cool,” between the two kisses he planted on my neck. The man wasn’t “cool,” pushing Spacey against a wall in defiance.

Spacey rejects the allegations of indecent assault on three occasions, sexual assault on seven occasions, inducing a person to engage in sexual conduct without consent on one occasion, and penetrative sexual activity without consent on one occasion.

Both Glengarry Glen Ross and Seven included the two-time Oscar winner. In the Netflix original series House of Cards, he also played the main character.

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