KGB Agent Claims Putin Has Early Stages Of Dementia

( ‘His paranoia and dread of traitors are driving him nuts,’ says a former KGB operative.
Western intelligence agencies have speculated about the Russian tyrant’s health in recent years.
Despite Dmitry Peskov’s assurances that Putin’s health is “good,” his recent public appearances following the botched Ukraine incursion have fuelled health suspicions.
But, according to 62-year-old ex-spy Boris Karpichkov, even Putin’s inner circle is kept in the dark about his health.
The Russian defector stated that Putin sees everyone as a “traitor,” and his health is a sensitive issue.
He’s said that Putin is insane and obsessed with paranoia.
He considers everyone, even those in the Russian security services and his inner circle, as traitors.
He is now as distrustful and paranoid as Stalin.
Mr. Karpichkov believes Mad Vlad has “many” health issues, including dementia and Parkinson’s.
Karpichkov says that he is not a medic, but there is considerable fear that Putin has several physical health issues – probably from sports injuries in his youth.
Based on his movements, Putin may also have Parkinson’s disease or another significant ailment induced by malignancy, such as a brain tumor.”
Officials in the Kremlin have long denied Putin is ill.
But Putin seemed bewildered and out of breath as he gasped through his latest nuclear warning to the West.
During his speech, the president hesitated numerous times to politicians, tripping over his words and looking tired.
Last week, when speaking with his defense minister Sergey Shoigu, the old despot was recorded grasping the table and slouching, triggering further Parkinson’s speculation.
Texas Tech University body language specialist Professor Erik Bucy said he’d observed an unbelievably weaker Putin than the man he watched even a few years ago.
A non-disabled president would not need to be supported with a hand out for leverage or keep both feet on the ground.
Putin and in a video welcoming Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to the Kremlin.
Putin extends his hand to meet Lukashenko before retreating it and strolling around the room in the video.
In the undated video, he walks to embrace his Belarusian colleague.
Recent pictures showing Putin chewing his lips and fidgeting distractedly at a church service on Sunday sparked allegations the despot has a terminal disease.
On Tuesday, he walked limp and grimaced in a video with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in Moscow.
Putin was also seen in another video holding a table and tapping his foot, which Kremlin watchers said revealed a decrease in his physical condition.
Experts say he appears “bloated” and “weak,” and he’s seen a Thyroid cancer specialist.
Putin has always marketed himself as a “strongman,” but his recent behavior has generated speculation that he is unwell.
The dictator seems to be always in security, maintaining a strict schedule and only attending a few meetings.
The dictator’s life has been meticulously planned, fueling concerns about his health.
And a team of doctors is thought to be closely monitoring his condition.