Kim Jong Un Offers To Make “Hotline” Between North And South Korea

( Kim Jong Un, the North Korean communist dictator, said last week that he is willing to re-establish an inter-Korean hotline next month, but also accused the United States of being hostile.

Would it be this way if President Donald Trump was still in charge? If he was leading the way with negotiations?

Kim accused the United States of proposing new talks without changing its current “hostile policy,” according to a press released published by the KCNA state news agency.

Kim made the comments to the nation’s so-called “parliament,” the Supreme People’s Assembly, which does little other than rubber-stamp rules that come from the top. The parliament had gathered for a second day to discuss plans to rebuild the nation’s economy and more, following more than a year of extreme poverty, food shortages, and historic floods.

North Korea recently conducted a new round of weapons tests, firing ballistic missiles and a previously unreported hypersonic missile. The country has demanded in recent weeks that the United States and South Korea end its “double standards” on weapons development, insisting that they have the right to build their own military and weapons to defend themselves against outside threats.

But the United States has long suggested that North Korea must give up its weapons program in order for sanctions to be eased up – a proposal put forward by the Trump administration and one that was slowly becoming a reality during the Trump administration.

“We have neither aim nor reason to provoke South Korea and no idea to harm it,” Kim said in his latest comments, indicating that he would be willing to re-open inter-Korean hotlines despite South Korea’s “delusions.”