Kim Jong Un’s Gift Of Dogs At the Center Of Scandal

( South Korea’s former president Moon Jae-in is blaming his successor for the lack of financial support for the two white hunting dogs North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un gave him.

In September 2018, Kim gave the “Pungsan” dogs to former President Moon following their peace summit in Pyongyang. And while the dogs were officially state property, Moon took the pair along with one of their seven pups when he left office in May.

But last week, Moon’s office said he decided he could no longer raise the three dogs after South Korea’s current president, Yoon Suk Yeol, refused to cover the costs of the dogs’ food and care.

In a statement released on Facebook, Moon’s office accused Yoon’s office of “inexplicably” blocking the Ministry of the Interior and Safety’s proposed legislative amendment that would provide government subsidies for the dogs’ care.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety said last Tuesday that the dogs had been returned to the government and the two received from Kim were being examined by a vet.

The ministry confirmed that it had drafted a budget plan to provide a monthly subsidy of 2.5 million won ($1,810 US), including 500,000 won ($360 US) for dog food and veterinary care plus another 2 million won ($1,450 US) for hiring people to look after the dogs.

However, the plans were put on hold for months due to “opposing opinions” both within the Ministry of the Interior and Safety and the Ministry of Government Legislation.

In its Facebook statement, Moon’s office accused President Yoon’s office of having a “negative view about entrusting the care of the Pungsan dogs to former President Moon.”

Yoon’s office, however, shifted the blame to former President Moon, arguing that it “was entirely the decision of former President Moon” to return the dogs now rather than wait until the legislative amendment on subsidies was finalized.