Kyle Rittenhouse Judge Orders Juror’s Removal

( Last week, a juror in the Kyle Rittenhouse case was tossed out after the judge said that the “appearance of bias is present.”

Judge Bruce Schroder discussed a joke made by Juror Number 7 on Thursday morning with prosecutors and defense attorneys and concluded that the juror could not be expected to make a fair judgment in the case.

According to the judge, the juror is understood to have said, “Why did it take seven shots to shoot Jacob Blake?”

Thomas Binger, the lead prosecutor, claims to have heard the joke “fourth hand” and knows that the “punch line” to the joke is “because they ran out of bullets.”

The joke was a reference to the shooting of Jacob Blake in August of last year by a police officer – a shooting that resulted in massive far-left, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter riots that destroyed much of the city and even led to the burning down of the city’s Black Business District.

It’s the same riot that Kyle Rittenhouse attended with a firearm, to provide medical support to those who were injured in the riots.

Rittenhouse eventually killed two people and injured another as he was being chased by the individuals.

The judge said that the joke meant that the juror was “highly favorable to the defendant’s viewpoints” and called for their expulsion from the trial.

The juror was called in by the judge and told that they had been heard telling a joke about the shooting of Jacob Blake and asked if it was true. The juror then answered that they did not want to repeat the joke.

“I will tell you that I’ve talked quite a bit about public confidence in the outcome of the trial, and regardless of whether the issue is as grave as you’ve presented it in terms of inner feelings, it is clear the appearance of bias is present, and it would seriously undermine the outcome of the case,” the judge responded.

The Rittenhouse case is ongoing and currently looks as though Rittenhouse is likely to be freed. Defense attorneys keep proving that Rittenhouse was in danger and being threatened by the three people that he shot.