Las Vegas Will Send “Compliance Ambassadors” To Check Businesses Are Complying With COVID Laws

( Las Vegas will send out “compliance ambassadors” to ensure that businesses are complying with their extensive COVID-19 rules. The so-called “ambassadors” will be required to visit business to ensure they are socially distancing and minimizing the number of people allowed in their stores.

The City of Las Vegas tweeted out a photograph of a Las Vegas License Officer wearing a mask and checking on a business, making notes on a clipboard.

“Our business license officers & compliance ambassadors continue to visit 300 business per day every day, to ensure they are following @FovSisolak’s recent directive to help keep workers and visitors safe,” the account tweeted.

Well, that’s not ominous.

Don’t comply? The Las Vegas local government is going to know about it!

On October 2, the city implemented new restrictions for businesses in the state and describe the “compliance ambassadors” as “verifying whether violations are occurring.”

In a statement, the city said that the ambassadors would not be enforcing the new directives, but simply observing.

“If there is an enforcement action that needs to be taken, that will be done by a business license officer,” they added. “The compliance ambassadors are existing city employees; they are not new hires or newly added positions.”

Under the new rules set out by Governor Steve Sisolak, public gatherings would be limited to 250 people, or 50% occupancy, whichever one is less. It applies to both indoor and outdoor venues, meaning that it impacts restaurants, bars, concert venues, and importantly, casinos.

Which means the city’s tourism industry will continue to suffer.

In early October, Fox reported how four businesses were “cited and fined” after failing to comply with the new rules.

“The Nevada Division of Industrial Relations (DIR) on Monday said that three Las Vegas businesses and a Pahrump winery were issued citations and fines resulting from observations conducted Sept. 28 through Oct. 2. … Welding Nevada in Las Vegas was fined $4,048 … LMG, LLC and Hel LLC dba Sea Salt in Las Vegas were fined $6,073 and $4,858 respectively… the third business Pahrump Valley Winery was fined $8,501,” the report explained.

The maximum COVID non-compliance penalty for businesses in Nevada is $134,940.