Laura Ingraham Asks If It’s Really America’s Responsibility To Flood America With Cheap Labor Immigrants

( Laura Ingraham, who is not just one of the most popular Fox News anchors but also one of the most-watched news personalities in the country, spoke for the nation this week when she pushed back on plans by the U.S. federal government to allow thousands of “refugees” from Afghanistan into the country.

While it may seem like a duty for America to welcome in Afghan refugees put in danger by the disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops, the truth is that it is incredibly difficult to verify everybody applying to enter the United States. With so many “translators” in the country, the refugee resettlement program for Afghans is vulnerable to extreme abuse.

And Ingraham pointed that out during an interview with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

She asked if it’s really America’s responsibility to welcome in thousands of “potentially un-vetted refugees.” She also added how we’ve heard phrases like “we promised them,” but questioned who actually promised the people of Afghanistan this in the first place.

Pompeo didn’t have an answer.

During the same interview, Pompeo also slammed the Biden administration for their disastrous handling of the withdrawal and said that the president needs to be held accountable for what happens to the United States in the wake of the hasty and unplanned withdrawal.

He’s not the only one who thinks that.

Ingraham’s comments, asking where this mysterious “promise” to thousands of Afghan citizens came from, come after fellow Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson suggested that an influx of refugees into the United States would be like an invasion.

Just how many people is the United States expected to accept? Every single person in the Middle East who doesn’t like living under Islamic theocratic rule?