Laura Ingraham Plays Decades-Old Footage of Chris Rock And Her

( Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham proved an important point about comedy and keeping your cool recently when she aired an old video of comedian Chris Rock calling her the “meaning b*tch.”

Ingraham aired the old footage after actor Will Smith shocked the world by storming the stage during the Oscars and slapping Chris Rock across the face for making a joke about his wife’s hair.

During a conversation with Raymond Arroyo in which the pair discussed the famous slap, Ingraham showed footage from an episode of Politically Incorrect in 1996 that showed Rock mocking Ingraham to her face.

“What’s the lady, Laura Ingham? With all due respect, ma’am, you are the meaning b*tch I ever…” he said.

And how did Ingraham respond? Well, she certainly didn’t get up and slap him. She just…laughed.

She laughed at the joke told by a comedian because…it was a joke.

Ingraham couldn’t help but laugh all over again at the footage and even made a self-deprecating joke about her hair and outfit.

“Look at my outfit, that was tragic, oh my God, forget what he said, that is shocking to see after all these years,” she joked.

You can watch the exchange here.

If Laura Ingraham can take a joke and then crack another joke about herself, then why exactly is Will Smith unable to take a joke? And why can’t his wife?

Comedy is truly dead.