Lawmaker Declares Joe Biden A “Serial Classified Document Hoarder”

( The Republican from Ohio who will likely lead the House Intelligence Committee,

Rep. Mike Turner blasted President Joe Biden as a “serial hoarder of classified documents.”

The FBI discovered a fourth set of top-secret papers on Friday while conducting a “consensual” search of the president’s Wilmington, Delaware, residence. This prompted Turner’s declaration.

While on CBS on Sunday, “Face the Nation, Turner said that what’s interesting about all this is that it raises the issue of why these records were included in the first place. He said that now that we know that some of them date from when he was in the Senate, it is evident that he has turned into a serial hoarder of sensitive documents.

One wonders why he had them and who got to view them.

Turner said to show them off to someone is the only reason you can imagine why someone would remove confidential papers illegally and take them home.

Being a show-off is not a stretch for the “serial tall-tale” Biden. He’s been exaggerating all of his life. To have top secret documents in his possession is something that dovetails nicely into his persona.

When anchor Margaret Brennan inquired if the Justice Department searching meant “anything more” to the congressman, Turner said, “Absolutely. This seems to be a cover-up rather than an investigation.”

Turner said this had become an issue for Biden since his attorney general chose to raid former President Trump’s house, searching for classified information that was being housed there.

Now Garland is in a jam. The appearance of unequal protection under the law is at stake.

Turner was said to have been storing items to steal secret information, and Brennan questioned whether he had “any facts to support your… assertions.”

Turner said, “Well, they didn’t fly to his house without him. They traveled with him on a train from his Senate offices to boxes under his management. The chain of custody, in this case, will be crucial because we already know that these were in Joe Biden’s hands and under his control before ending up behind his Corvette in his garage, in his Penn Biden Center office, all over his home, and elsewhere.”

Turner makes the case that Biden’s situation is more egregious than Trump’s.

Robert Hur was chosen as a special counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland earlier this month. Hur’s employment is scheduled to start at the end of January.