Liberal “Journalist” Privately Worked With Russians, Report Finds

( A new report from Natalie Winters reveals how a former New York Times journalist and the Editorial Director at MSNBC once lobbied on behalf of a Russian government international investment fund that has been sanctioned by U.S. President Joe Biden.

The man in question is Davidson Goldin, who reportedly provided the controversial Russian Direct Investment Fund with media outreach services and public relations advice. The sanctions fund is a sovereign wealth fund that was founded back when Russian President Vladimir Putin was the Prime Minister of Russia.

RDIF was sanctioned because it is operated by a known ally of Putin, according to the Department of Treasury. In a report backing up their decision to sanction the fund, the Treasury Department said that it is run by an “inner circle of cronies” who have “long relied on RDIF and Dmitriev to raise funds abroad, including in the United States.

Even before the sanctions, the fund was well-known for its close ties to Russian oligarchs and President Vladimir Putin – and yet, for some reason, Goldin chose to provide services to the fund. At the same time, he promoted the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, alleging that former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

The claims were proven false following the FBI’s investigation into the matter, and now it’s been revealed that Goldin was working with Russia all along.

Winter revealed his cooperation with Russian oligarchs and questionable characters by digging up his Foreign Agent Registration filings. The documents show that Goldin provided the services to the Russian firm through his company Goldin Solutions from 2013, charging $30,000 for a monthly retainer.

While Democrats and their leftist media allies claimed Trump colluded with Russia, they were making bank from Russia all along…

Check out the full report here.