Liberal Star Who Reportedly Raped Own Mother Tells Court “I’m Famous On The Internet”

( A deeply unwell “transgender” YouTube personality was arrested in Virginia after audio was leaked online of him confessing to regularly raping his dementia-ridden mother.

The man, who goes by the name Christine Weston Chandler – or Chris Chan for short – was apprehended in Richmond on August 1 and later transferred to Central Virginia Regional Jail and held without bail.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office charged Chandler with one count incest. If convicted, Chandler faces up to twelve years in prison.

In the sickening audio, Chandler described the sexual assault of his mother as “incest fan fiction come true.” Going into lurid detail, Chandler claimed in the audio that God said it was okay.

Last Wednesday, Greene County General District Judge Kenneth Andrew Sneathern appointed Charlottesville attorney David Heilberg to represent Chandler. Based on the nature of Chandler’s crime, the judge ordered the case moved to Greene County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court for a bond hearing.

Commonwealth Attorney Edwin Consolvo asked that Chandler be held without bond both for the community’s safety and for Chandler’s. Consolvo told the court that since people were able to track Chandler down and even videotaped his arrest, keeping him in custody was for Chandler’s own safety.

Chandler suddenly interrupted the proceedings, shouting “I’m famous on the internet,” prompting his attorney Heilberg to instruct Chandler not to speak unless asked to by the judge.

As Juvenile and Domestic Relations Judge David M. Barredo explained the bond procedure to Chandler, he referred to the defendant using male pronouns, prompting Chandler to once again interrupt proceedings to demand the judge use female pronouns.

Judge Barredo, citing both the nature of the alleged offense and what appears to be a personal danger to the defendant and public at large, then remanded Chandler held without bond until the next scheduled court hearing on September 16.

Heilberg told the judge that he would be asking for evaluations of Chandler’s mental state. This prompted Chandler to interrupt again – stomping his feet and shouting that he needed to “get everything back home,” claiming he wouldn’t be safe until he gets items back.

In addition to being a sexual pervert and gender confused, Chandler also allegedly suffers from autism.