Lindsey Graham Gets Heckled During Campaign Event

( On-again-off-again Trump supporter South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham received pushback recently during a Republican event when he encouraged people to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Remember there was a time when former President Donald Trump and his administration were leading the way in vaccine development and encouraging people to take it without implementing mandates. Now, thanks to President Joe Biden’s authoritarian mandates, the American people are more resistant than ever before to taking any such vaccine.

Senator Graham was heckled at a Dorchester County Republican Party event hosted over the weekend in Summerville. He was asked about the vaccine, the testing mandates, and the draconian measures implemented by President Joe Biden, to which he expressed his concern. He described how he was opposed to the mandates and also laid out a legal strategy that people can use to stop the mandates.

But when he went on to urge people to take the vaccine, he received some pushback from the crowd.

“So the bottom line is I took the vaccine, I’ve had it, it kicks your butt,” Graham said. “If you hadn’t had the vaccine, you ought to think about getting it.”

The crowd responded by telling him “no!” and “oh my God!” and the left-wing press loved it. Even Mediaite wrote about this story in a way that tries to make Republicans look unreasonable.

What’s so unreasonable about not wanting to take a vaccine that doesn’t work? Very few people oppose vaccines that work, so what’s wrong with Republicans expressing concern about a COVID-19 vaccine that doesn’t stop you from getting COVID-19?

Let’s just hope that Senator Graham stays on the side of reason, anyway…