Lindsey Graham Says “Putin Owns Biden”

( Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has long been a fan of Joe Biden, repeatedly describing him as a good person and even suggesting that it makes no sense for Republicans to dislike him.

So it’s a little strange that, earlier in the week, Graham claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin “owns” President Joe Biden, speaking in relation to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

During an interview on Fox News on Monday, Graham told anchor Sean Hannity that President Joe Biden is scared of making the Russian president angry and that any move he makes could potentially escalate the war and cause World War Three.

It’s a stark difference to the Russian president being afraid of initiating a war in the first place when President Donald Trump was in the White House, isn’t it?

Graham also said that he believes that former President Donald Trump would have taken more aggressive action to ensure that Vladimir Putin does not escalate the war in Ukraine.

That’s why we call Graham the on-again-off-again Trump supporter.

When Hannity asked Graham why he thinks that Biden would veto Poland giving MiG29 jets to Ukraine, Graham responded with, “because Putin owns Biden.”


He said that Biden is afraid of making Putin mad, and that the U.S president should have initiated sanctions against Russia while the country was increasing its military presence on the border with Ukraine – not just after the invasion.

Graham is absolutely right on this one.