Liz Cheney Challengers Step Forward To Defeat Her

( Liz Cheney has aligned herself with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Her transformation from Republican Leadership to Pelosi stooge in six short months has made a primary challenge for her seat inevitable. And several Wyoming Republicans are lining up in the hopes of defeating her in next year’s primary.

There are currently three likely candidates and another four who are poised to jump in to the primary against Cheney as well. And this poses a significant problem.

Any primary where the votes are split eight ways only increases the likelihood that Liz Cheney comes out the winner. Some suspect this may be by design. While Cheney may be out of favor with House Republicans, she is not out of favor with the DC Establishment. Corporate donors are pouring money into her reelection campaign, and the Swamp always takes care of its own.

Flooding the zone with primary challengers is one easy way for the Establishment to protect their preferred Congresswoman. This kind of “Splitter Strategy,” as Sundance from Conservative Treehouse calls it, divides the united front against Cheney among several other candidates, and risks depriving any of the challengers of enough votes to unseat her.

The three definite primary challengers are Wyoming State Representative Chuck Gray, attorney Darin Smith, and Wyoming State Senator Anthony Bouchard.

Bouchard made news in May when he admitted to getting a fourteen-year-old girl pregnant when he was eighteen. They subsequently married, but divorced three years later. And at 20, his former wife committed suicide.

In a statement on July 20, President Trump announced that he would be calling some of Cheney’s primary opponents to Bedminster to meet with them in order to decide whom to endorse. Trump, who no doubt understands the “Splitter Strategy,” made it clear in his statement that ultimately “we just want ONE CANDIDATE running against Cheney.”

If the objective is to oust her, one challenger is the best possibility to ensure that happens.

Last week Breitbart did a feature on Gray, Smith and Bouchard. And both Gray and Smith told Breitbart that they would “strongly consider” stepping aside if they did not earn President Trump’s endorsement. Bouchard, however, plans to move forward with his campaign whether Trump endorses him or not.