Liz Cheney Reportedly Pushing TV “Stunt” For Publicly, Report Suggests

( Not that we needed more proof that this is all for show, but the January 6 select committee is considering holding its hearings not during the day as usual, but during prime time.

That pretty much proves that this committee’s investigation is custom-designed to boost the ratings of cable news outlets like CNN while simultaneously giving Democrats a chance to hold a midterm campaign event live during prime time.

According to Axios, the reason they want to hold the hearings during prime time rather than daytime is to boost audience sizes. Well, at least they’re being honest about it.

The entire “investigation” is just a made-for-TV drama completely detached from reality. Of course they want to air it during primetime.

Plus, the American people just do not care about a three-hour riot from over a year ago. The committee knows there is no groundswell of support for their partisan witch hunt, so they want to ram it down viewers’ throats.

But if the ratings from the day-long Democrat campaign event on the anniversary of January 6 is any indication, placing the hearings during prime time won’t necessarily translate into ratings gold.

CNN expected that running the anniversary campaign event uninterrupted would give them the same kind of ratings boost they got from the riot itself. It didn’t.

According to Newsbusters, CNN couldn’t even break 800K viewers during their live coverage of the anniversary showboating. In total, CNN only drew 742,869 viewers.

The Democrats on the select committee aren’t even hiding the political motives behind this bogus “investigation.” In addition to wanting it to air at night like it’s Washington DC’s version of the Academy Awards, the committee is also scheduling the first hearings just in time for the midterm primary season.

Gosh, what a shock.

Will the network and cable news outlets that broadcast this campaign event disguised as “hearings” declare it as an in-kind contribution to the Democratic National Committee? They probably should, but they won’t.