Locals Complain After Obama’s Motorcade Becomes An Issue

(Republicaninformer.com)- Reports reveal former President Obama began his lucrative speaking tour in Australia.Hundreds of people paid to hear the former US president and minister of foreign affairs Julie Bishop talk on leadership, international relations, and other topics, including China.

The ex-president and his wife Michelle received a standing ovation, which was in sharp contrast to the criticism they received from Sydney locals earlier that day for the massive nuisance convoy that escorted them through the city.

In his opening remarks, Obama praised Sydney and shared his admiration for it.

After arriving in Australia to begin his speaking tour, the 0bamas made many stops, including Balmoral Beach.  When Barack was out getting a cup of coffee, Michelle was sailing around on a boat for an hour.

But many in the city had begun blasting the couple’s motorcade as they made their way through the streets.

According to reports, some have questioned who is footing the bill for Obama’s fleet of black SUVs, while others have wondered why the ex-President has such a huge security detail.

A critic who took to Twitter wondered why Obama needed a 20-vehicle escort nationwide.

The critic asked why the taxpayers of New South Wales were paying for him. If he earns a million dollars or more from his speaking tour, he should fund it himself.

Another person wrote that they could only hope the Obama addressed the homeless when he sped by in his taxpayer-sponsored motorcade.

A third person mocked, saying they came on a private plane, and since he is so important, he needs all of these gas-guzzling vehicles and the protection of our cops.

According to a report, while accompanying her spouse on the publicity tour, Michelle Obama was caught looking less than enthusiastic.

The couple spent time lunching at an upmarket harborside seafood restaurant.

After enjoying a private meal at the Bathers’ Pavilion, Barack Obama appeared to take great pleasure in working a crowd of adoring Australian onlookers, while Michelle Obama was photographed crossing her arms and displaying a sourpuss expression.