Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Says Dems will “Steal Every Election Until the End Of Time” Through Mail-In Voting

( Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas made it extremely clear what he thinks of the Democrat attempt to implement mail-in voting on Friday. Patrick told Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM that he believes the proposed method of voting would result in widespread fraud, and allow the Democrats to steal every election in the future.

Patrick made the distinction between mail-in voting and absentee voting, which is an alternative system used for years. While absentee voting does involve mailing a vote to official counters if that person is unable to cast their ballot in person. The rules determining who does and does not qualify for absentee ballots vary depending on the state, and often include having an illness or a disability, being in prison, being a student living in another county, or being out of the country.

Mail-in voting, however, allows anybody to vote by mail. It is vastly different in that there are no requirements to be met – people can simply apply for it, and in many cases, people will be issued ballots whether they ask for them or not. It is a system already used in the United Kingdom, and which has drawn criticism for decades because of several instances of voter fraud that have occurred as a result.

“In my view, the only way Trump loses in November, is if you have a proliferation of voting by mail in state after state, particularly swing states,” Patrick said on the news. He said that he believes the Trump campaign is “on top of” the issue and understands the threat it poses to his re-election.

“We have to fight this at all costs,” he said.

Patrick suggests that mail-in voting could allow Democrats to steal the election in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – all key marginal seats that Trump needs to win to be re-elected in November.

“Voting is not about being easier, it is about being fair and accessible,” Patrick said, responding to claims by the Democrats that vote-by-mail should be implemented nationally to make it easy. He asked what would stop people voting on behalf of the person who used to live at their address – a problem caused by out-of-date state electoral rolls not being updated regularly enough.

Once vote-by-mail is implemented nationally and voting in person is removed, Patrick said it would be “pandemonium.”

“It’s wide open for fraud, and the left will take advantage of that and they will steal every election until the end of time.”