Mainstream News Readership Collapses Post-Trump

( Back in 2017, a prescient President Trump predicted that without him, the news media would “tank.” And it looks like he was right.

According to data compiled by Comscore, the online readership among several mainstream news outlets has collapsed since Donald Trump left office.

The Washington Post, the New York Times, the Hill, Politico, CNN, Vox, and The Wall Street Journal have all lost a significant percentage of monthly unique visitors since Trump left office.

Politico has suffered the largest hemorrhage in readership, dropping by 48 percent. The Washington Post lost 28 percent while the New York Times saw a 15 percent decrease in monthly unique visitors. Both Vox and the Wall Street Journal saw their readership drop 9 percent.

Digital subscriptions to the Washington Post declined by nearly 300,000 this year while traffic from nonsubscribers fell by 35 percent in the last two years. And what subscribers the Washington Post retains are mostly over the age of 55. Only 14 percent of the Post’s subscribers are younger than 55. What’s more, most of their readers are “affluent, urban married men with children” who are predominantly Democrat or “Liberal.”

The Post is struggling to wean itself away from its reliance on Donald Trump. According to the Journal, only three of the ten most-read articles of 2021 were related to politics. In 2019, virtually all of the 50 most-read articles for the Post consisted of political news.

Given the Post’s liberal readership, it shouldn’t be surprising that they’ve decided to scale back political coverage now that Biden is in the White House.

During Trump’s term, the Washington Post famously chronicled every supposed “lie” the former President said. This practice was ended when Joe Biden became President, even though Biden is a serial fabulist who lies with startling frequency.

Trump was the best thing to happen to the American corporate news media, which is why, despite Trump being out of office for nearly a year, the news media is so invested in reporting on a 3-hour riot at the Capitol on January 6. They need Trump-related news.

Part of the reason the media is demonizing West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin or Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is they need another Public Enemy Number One to demonize the way they demonized Donald Trump to keep their readers engaged.

Problem is, it doesn’t appear to be working.