Major Red Flags Pop Up After Biden’s SOTU

Americans have given a mixed reaction to President Biden’s recent State of the Union address. Figures showed that most people viewed the speech positively, but that number has fallen every year that the President has been in office. In 2021, 78% were satisfied with Biden’s performance, but by 2022, this had dropped to 71%. The following year, it was 72%, and this year, it was down again to 65%.

Commentators suggested that the percentage of people who approve is likely even lower nationwide, given that the poll was conducted by CNN, which is generally viewed by Democrats. For example, Fox News contributor and Spectator editor Ben Domenech tweeted that when viewing the figures, people should “keep in mind viewership skews.”

Washington Post reporter Aaron Blake similarly noted that CNN polls tend to draw “disproportionately” from Democrat allies, and pointed out that the 65% figure is lower than that of Donald Trump in 2018, which was at 70%.

CNN spoke to voters in crucial swing states, some of whom were anti-Trump Republicans who said they were pleased about Biden’s commitment to democracy. In Nevada, one GOP-leaning voter praised what he saw as Biden’s attempt to unite America.

In Pennsylvania, some voters said the President’s performance eased their concerns about Biden’s age. One 94-year-old stated she approved of the President’s commitment to women’s rights. As part of his address, Biden accused Donald Trump of harboring secret plans to enact a nationwide abortion ban and denounced him for boasting about the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade.

He also stated that Trump had coarsened American discourse and sowed doubt about the US commitment to NATO and its allies.

A New Hampshire retired Navy officer, however, said the President was “anger-filled.” In Iowa, an attorney slammed Biden for ignoring the law and allowing millions of people to cross the border illegally.

Since the speech, Biden has traveled to Pennsylvania and announced plans to visit New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Michigan.