Man Arrested After Strange Offer To Student

A guy has been charged with various offenses after allegedly entering a school bathroom in Portland, Maine, and offering hypodermic needles to a minor.

A male, later identified as Portland, Maine resident Jacob Horwitch, was reported to have entered the King Middle School girl’s restroom on Monday. After entering the women’s restroom, Horwitch allegedly offered the needles to a female student.

At 8:48 a.m., police were called to the school in response to a report of a suspicious guy.

Upon police arrival, they were informed that the suspect was near the park’s entrance in Deering Oaks. They arrested Horwitch and took him to the Cumberland County Jail. 

In a statement, Portland Public Schools of Maine said that the man tried and failed to enter the school through closed doors.

A door to a classroom had been propped open, violating standard procedures for school safety, and the man entered the room—a student who was outside at the time and saw him informed an adult.

The intruder went into a washroom and met a female student, at which point they offered the minor hypodermic needles. Upon finishing, the student hurried out of the restroom. The man emerged from the restroom and followed a group of students and faculty members who were leaving the building through a back entrance. Several faculty members saw the individual on his way out and alerted the administration.

Police said that Horwitch fled the school before they arrived, but they tracked him down at the park entrance (Deering Oaks), just about a quarter mile away.

Horwitch was arrested and charged with Violation of Privacy and Criminal Trespassing,” as stated in a press statement issued by the City of Portland.

The person was apprehended without discovering any needles, narcotics, or weapons on their person.