Man Disrupts Matt Gaetz Fundraiser With Shocking Object

Last weekend in Florida, Representative Matt Gaetz was at a charity event when an activist thought it was a clever idea to bring a blow-up sex doll and shout at the congressman.

On July 22 at Fort Walton Beach, the Okaloosa County Republican Party held its annual Lincoln Dinner, and Gaetz was the featured speaker. Michael Picard, renowned for his trolling antics, cut in on Gaetz as he spoke.

“Make way,” the attention seeker bellowed. As Picard walked inside the venue, he yelled, implying that Gaetz likes underage girls. He said he had one for him (the sex doll being the proxy.)

The Florida Republican could be overheard muttering that Picard was a “real piece of s**t” as security officers led the activist out of the room.

Picard, who calls himself “your friendly neighborhood troll,” said that he singled out Gaetz because he felt the charges against him had received insufficient attention, especially after the Justice Department’s inquiry had concluded.

The decision not to press charges against Gaetz, as indicated by Picard, is shrouded in mystery, and he thinks it’s important to have a conversation about whether or not the behaviors and claims made against political officials are acceptable given their positions.

Picard said that the local police had called for security because they suspected he was trespassing at the event, which is technically a civil matter and not a criminal one. He said that he had been permanently expelled from the premises.

The Island Resort in Fort Walton Beach was the setting for the dinner. According to the Okaloosa County Republican Party’s Facebook page, the event was held to collect funds for the Republican National Committee, boost voter registration for the GOP, and help elect Republicans at all levels of government.

Picard posted a teaser on TikTok about his run-in with Gaetz, and on Sunday, he plans to broadcast the complete film to his YouTube page. There have been more than 85,000 views on his TikTok since Wednesday.