Man Reveals How Donald Trump Saved His Life

( A man named Bill Robinson tells the story of how President Trump saved his life.

Robinson was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) at the beginning of 2017. (ESRD). When he arrived at the emergency hospital, his blood pressure was 242 over 160, a BP that could have caused a fatal stroke.

Robinson started years of dialysis and then endured the agonizing wait for that rarest of gifts: a kidney transplant.

In July 2019, President Trump issued his groundbreaking “Advancing American Kidney Health” Executive Order.

As he exited a church service on Christmas Day, his phone rang.

“Mr. Robinson, we’d want to give you a kidney,” the medical center’s transplant coordinator said.

Recently, Robinson spoke with President Trump. Naturally, he felt happy to be alive, which he says he often experiences these days.

Robinson told the President, “I wanted to thank you for saving my life and hundreds of others.”

“Oh! Is that true? Are you somebody who had the work done?” Trump asked.

Robinson told Trump he had been on dialysis for over two years when he signed his executive order. He described how six months later, on Christmas Day 2019, he received a call telling him they had a kidney.

“And how has it been?” President Trump asked in the kindest possible manner.

“Oh, Mr. President, it’s a whole new world for me,” Robinson beamed.

Only President Trump has ever given a damn about the more than 40 million Americans suffering from the pandemic-level epidemic of renal failure, dialysis, and, most often, death.

Less than 1 in 100 renal patients, or just.9% survive dialysis—more than 80% of individuals on the enormous national transplant waiting list for kidneys in America. Kidney disease claims lives and may even cause death for more Americans than cancer or heart disease. But our media seldom ever portrays it as the scourge that it is.

Trump did that. Trump saved lives.