Man Who Said No To Being An FBI Informant Had His Life Ruined

(  Since September 11, 2001, the FBI has devoted significant resources to recruiting informants. In particular, the FBI has focused on recruiting Muslim Americans or immigrants from countries with a mainly Muslim population. Saying no can carry significant implications. This week on Intercepted, reporter Murtaza Hussain shares the tale of a guy who declined the FBI’s request to speak with them. Aswad Khan was in Connecticut to visit his family when the FBI tried to enlist him to spy on mosques; however, he refused to spy on individuals when they were praying.

That moment marked the beginning of Khan’s life’s downward spiral.

Aswad Khan said he was asleep. He heard a bang on the main door. He said his cousin’s name popped up on the phone screen.

Thinking that it was his cousin at the door and perhaps she had forgotten something, he picked up the phone.

But it wasn’t his cousin on the phone. It was the FBI. And the agent was yelling, “Open the door. This is the FBI. Do not hang up the call.

He jumped out of bed, thinking, “what is going on here?”

Aswad Khan was 26 years old when the FBI knocked on his family’s door. He graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, where he studied business management. He was an international student from Pakistan.

When the FBI appeared at his Connecticut family’s door, Khan’s heart began racing. He had no idea why the FBI would be there or how they could spoof his family’s phone numbers to contact him. He went downstairs, holding the phone as instructed, while the officers continued to bang on the door.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw two men — he thought they were both agents.

They showed him their badges. One man was from the FBI, and the other was a Connecticut State Police detective.

They are standing at the door, wearing suits and sunglasses, exactly. Like you see in Hollywood movies.

The FBI agent was Andrew Klopfer, and Andrew Burke was the Connecticut State Police detective.

Khan tried his best to suppress his terror and asked the agents what was going on. His lanky 6-foot-1 frame filled out most of the doorway. He gripped the side of it as he spoke to the officers.

He asked, “How can I help you?”

“Is your name Aswad Khan?”

He said, “Yes. That is my name.”

“Do you have any identification on you?”

He said, “Not at the moment. My wallet is upstairs.”

“OK. You have to come with us immediately.”

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