Marjorie Taylor Greene Publicly Calls Out Ilhan Omar’s Scandals

( Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is, once again, going in hard at far-left Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar over her history of supporting foreign extremists. She even brought up the controversy involved Omar’s marriage to her brother, which is widely understood to have been fraudulent and done to get her a brother to live in the United States.

When Omar criticized Greene for wearing face masks while traveling on a plane, even though Greene opposes mask-wearing, the GOP congresswoman called her out.

Taylor Green noted how she had not only been given a free upgrade on that flight and hadn’t paid for business class, but that wearing masks is necessary to fly on planes.

“Damn autocorrect, every time I try to type your name it keeps correcting to Brotherf*cker,” she said.


Taylor Greene then reminded Omar that marriage fraud is a felony, and she looks forward to making sure it is investigated.

That’s a good point, isn’t it? Why hasn’t a formal investigation been launched into this story, and why is Omar not facing charges for alleged marriage fraud?

Omar’s attempt at mocking Taylor Green clearly backfired, and demonstrates her inability (or refusal) to understand what Republicans are saying when they oppose mask mandates.

Taylor Greene isn’t saying she will suspend her work and drive across the country to do her duty – she is saying that people shouldn’t be forced to wear masks.

What doesn’t Omar understand about that>