Maskless Hillary Clinton Attends Hollywood Event While Lecturing Americans On COVID (The Met Gala is held in NYC, not Hollywood)

( Monday evening was the annual Met Gala in New York City where Democrat politicians often go to rub elbows with the rich and pretty. And just like last year’s Met Gala, the rich and pretty, along with their suck-up politicians, remained maskless while the army of staff waiting on them were forced to hide behind masks.

Among the Democrat politicians to attend this year’s tone-deaf event was 2016 loser, Hillary Clinton. Hillary, wearing more make-up than a circus clown, turned up on the red carpet in a gown that did nothing to hide her ever-expanding frame.

But what made Hillary’s walk along the red carpet so galling was the appearance of a fully-masked black staffer who knelt at Hillary’s feet to adjust the hem of her gown.

Ouch! Talk about bad optics.

In addition to the Variety video, a still photo capturing the black servant kneeling at Scarlet O’Hillary’s feet went viral on Twitter, with users pointing out the mask versus unmasked optics of the shot.

Libertarian radio host Austin Petersen tweeted out the picture and noted that from the Antebellum South to Jim Crow to today, Democrats in America haven’t changed much.

But mostly, people marveled at yet another example of how America’s elites exempt themselves from the very COVID rules they expect the little people to obey.

UK reporter Dominique Samuels tweeted out the photo and noted that this is how “COVID theater” works. “Have the elite swanning about” while “the lowly servers must mask up.”

Why is it these people never stop to consider just how bad this looks?

Imagine for a moment that was a maskless Melania Trump on the red carpet preening for the cameras while a black man in a mask adjusted her gown.

Imagine the hue and cry, the accusations of racism. It would be a five-alarm scandal.

But Hillary O’Hara can fiddle-dee-dee her way down the red carpet while a black manservant attends her and the media’s only response is “Oh! Look at Hillary’s beautiful gown!”