Matt Gaetz’s Girlfriend Granted Immunity In Federal Case

( According to CBS News, before she testified last week in front of a federal grand jury, Congressman Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend was granted immunity by prosecutors.

The grand jury is hearing evidence in the investigation involving Congressman Gaetz to determine if he violated sex trafficking laws and subsequently obstructed justice in that probe.

Gaetz has consistently denied any wrongdoing, saying he has never paid for sex nor has he ever engaged in sex with an underage girl.

The unnamed ex-girlfriend, who testified last week in Orlando, is considered a potential key witness in the investigation.

CBS News legal analyst Rikki Kleiman, who is a former prosecutor, posited that this witness may have been a “willing participant” and her lawyer was smart enough to seek an immunity deal from the government. Kleinman also mused that immunity deals aren’t given blindly, so the government must know what they’re getting in return for her immunity deal.

In short, like every “legal analyst,” Kleinman doesn’t know what’s happening in this grand jury; she’s just making assumptions that may or may not be accurate. And since the American corporate media views Matt Gaetz as an enemy, Kleinman is careful to make her assumptions as damning to him as possible.

The CBS News report also cites a “source” who said that as part of the obstruction probe, investigators are looking into whether Gaetz had a phone call with this ex-girlfriend and another woman who is also a witness.

CBS News also cites “multiple sources” who claim the ex-girlfriend and the other woman went to the Bahamas with Matt Gaetz in 2018 along with a third woman with whom Gaetz was allegedly sexually involved.

While this third woman was 18 at the time of the trip, investigators are hoping to prove she was underage when her sexual relationship with Gaetz first began.

Investigators are also trying to discover if any of these women were paid or illegally trafficked across state or international lines for the purpose of engaging in sex with Congressman Gaetz.

Joel Greenberg, a former Florida county tax collector who was an associate of Matt Gaetz allegedly introduced the Congressman to the third woman when she was 17-years-old. In May 2021, Greenberg pleaded guilty to six federal charges, including the trafficking of a minor.