Maxine Waters Gets Special “Gift” From Liberal Media During Interview

( MSNBC seems to be the only cable news network that is still willing to put up with the lunatic Congresswoman from California, Maxine Waters. That’s hardly surprising since Maxine Waters has been a race-baiting demagogue since before Joy Reid was born.

On Sunday, MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart brought crazy Maxine on his program to attack Republican lawmakers. Capehart would play a clip of some Republican and then ask Maxine to insult and attack him.

It wasn’t a Sunday morning “news” program so much as it was Sunday Morning Mean Girls.

First up was House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. After playing a clip of McCarthy on Fox News, Capehart told Maxine how much he’d love to hear her reaction. Not because he didn’t know what Maxine’s reaction would be, but because he knew Maxine would burp out the typical “Big Lie” “Trump clone” talking points she always burps out.

And Maxine didn’t disappoint. She called McCarthy “shameful” for carrying Donald Trump’s lie.

Then Capehart turned his attention to Senator Ted Cruz’s appearance on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight where Cruz “clarified” his remarks when he referred to the January 6 rioters as “terrorists.”

Maxine dismissed Cruz, saying she doesn’t know why people pay any attention to him.

Maxine might want to ask why the only people who pay attention to her are the race-baiting lunatics at MSNBC.

And on and on it went. Capehart would offer up a clip of a Republican and allow Maxine to make her histrionic accusations, peddle her lunatic conspiracy theories, and offer up her mean girl insults.

You know, like all serious lawmakers would.

Watch the clip HERE.

At this point, both CNN and MSNBC have devolved into cable news channels whose only job is to report on what happened over at Fox News. It’s pathetic and sad.