Mayoral Candidate Slain By Relative With AR-15

According to authorities, a former mayoral candidate from Mississippi was tragically shot in what is believed to have been a self-defense incident when he showed up at the house of his divorced wife and refused to leave.

41-year-old Jason Adam Marshall was shot and killed early Wednesday morning when he returned to the home he had lived with his wife for 12 years before their allegedly contentious divorce.

Marshall ran for mayor of Soso in a special election in November. He has experience volunteering as a fireman in the past.

Police Chief McCoy informed the media that the couple’s three young children were at the residence during the incident. Police have said that their preliminary investigation determined the incident to be self-defense; however, they have not concluded their investigation.

According to reports, Marshall’s ex-wife, Davis, was granted custody of their children, and to regain visitation privileges, he was obliged to undergo a psychiatric assessment.

Reports say that the couple’s March divorce petition followed the disclosure of many troubling events in court documents made earlier this year. According to reports, Marshall threatened to murder Davis in February of this year and then made suicide threats at the residence on a separate occasion.

In the divorce papers, he said that his wife had threatened to remove his children from their house, used illegal narcotics, and recorded unlawful movies.

According to the source, he was sent to Pine Grove Mental Health after these episodes.

Marshall was greeted by his brother-in-law, who lives in the house next door when he arrived at the residence just before 4 a.m. Marshall allegedly refused his brother-in-law’s demand that he vacate the premises while brandishing an AR-15.

According to sources, Marshall’s brother-in-law fired numerous shots at him when he grabbed his own 9mm pistol.

Both males opened fire during the altercation.