McCarthy Refuses To Answer If He’ll Endorse Trump

Former President Donald Trump has received some endorsements from renowned politicians already in his bid to capture the White House in 2024, yet one of those hasn’t come from former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy – at least not yet.

On Sunday, McCarthy sidestepped one question that was asked of him during an appearance he made on the “Meet the Press” program on NBC about whether he’d be supporting Trump. He simply only said that the “campaign is still going.”

Kristen Welker, an anchor on the program, asked McCarthy why he hasn’t issued an endorsement of Trump yet, and the former House Speaker responded:

“The campaign is still going. There’s a very good chance I would endorse President Trump.”

Welker pointed out that the former president has a huge lead in the GOP primary, something he’s had for just about the entire time since he first announced his candidacy not long after last November’s midterm elections.

The anchor said that Trump is “the clear front-runner,” and then asked McCarthy what he was waiting for. He responded:

“Well, I believe – well, you know what, because I’ve got a southern border wide open, I have a war in the Middle East, I got things I’m focused on right now. I believe President Trump will be our nominee, and I believe President Trump will get re-elected. Think about what Biden has done … he has brought in chaos.”

The California representative was then asked whether he still considered himself to be a “MAGA Republican.” And he said:

“You know what? I am a conservative Republican from the beginning to the end. And that’s what I’ve always been. You can try to phrase different names to people, but I’m proud of who I am.”
McCarthy was once considered to be a very close supporter of Trump’s, though their relationship was rumored to have soured a bit toward the end of Trump’s tenure in the White House. Still, even after Trump left Washington, the two have maintained a good relationship.

In fact, Trump actually played a key role in helping McCarthy secure the gavel in the House to begin with earlier this year. McCarthy went through 15 rounds of voting before he was finally elected, and Trump urged other Republican holdouts to support McCarthy.

Of course, McCarthy didn’t remain in that position for too long. He was ousted as Speaker last month, after Florida Representative Matt Gaetz brought forth a motion to vacate. In addition to all Democrats in the House voting to remove McCarthy, eight Republicans did so as well, ultimately doing in the former speaker by a vote of 216-210.

Since then, a few different Republican representatives have tried to secure the necessary 217 votes to get the gavel, but all have thus far failed. After Jim Jordan from Ohio was the latest member to fall short, multiple GOP members of the House have stepped forth hoping to become Speaker.