Media Is Targeting Trump For Trying To Have A Phone Call With Liz Cheney’s Witness

( During last Tuesday’s televised hearing of the January 6 select committee, Congresswoman Liz Cheney claimed that former President Trump tried to contact a witness who hasn’t yet testified publicly.

Cheney accused the former president of engaging in witness intimidation, vowing that the committee would take seriously “any effort to influence witness testimony.”

She said that Trump tried calling the mystery witness, but the witness did not take the call. Instead, the witness contacted legal counsel who then contacted the committee. Cheney said the matter has been turned over to the Department of Justice.

Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich accused Liz Cheney of trafficking in “innuendos and lies” and said the media has become “pawns of the Unselect Committee.” He blasted the media for letting Cheney’s comments go unchallenged and unconfirmed because her lies advance the narrative the media wants.

Fellow select committee member Jamie Raskin told reporters after Tuesday’s hearing that from the beginning of the investigation, there has been a “problem with a pattern of witness tampering.” He reminded reporters that tampering with a witness is a crime.

This isn’t the first time Liz Cheney claimed Trump has been intimidating witnesses. Three weeks ago, she claimed that some of the committee witnesses said they received messages from people in the former president’s inner circle. She read some text messages purportedly from these Trump people, including one in which someone told the witness Trump “knows you’re loyal.”

Cheney also said that another witness claimed to have received phone calls.

The witnesses all claimed that the person to whom they spoke told them Trump was thinking about them and knew they were loyal.