Media Laughs At Senile Joe Biden After He Asks Putin To Stop Being Mean

( President Joe Biden is still trying to protect that he’s a tough guy. Reports suggest that Biden made an unexpected call to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday following a number of new cyberattacks on the United States and 16 other nations that occurred last week. The president reportedly warned that the United States would “take any necessary action” to defend itself against the attacks.

At this point, it’s just getting sad. President Biden evidently cannot get the Russian president to take action, and he clearly also isn’t doing enough to defend America by strengthening our cybersecurity efforts.

How do gangs of Russian hackers keep getting the better of the United States?

In a press conference, Putin promised consequences, and the media literally laughed at him. No, seriously. Check it out:

Laughing with him or at him? You decide…

A White House readout of the unexpected call to Russia says that President Biden confronted the Russian leader over the attacks and expressed the importance of Russia to “take action” and “disrupt” the hacking and ransomware groups currently operating in Russia.

Biden also reportedly emphasized his commitment to engaging on the broader issue of the threat of ransomware.

If President Putin hasn’t already done anything, it seems unlikely at this point that Biden’s words will make him do something now. Consider the fact that Putin just re-affirmed a 20-year friendship treaty with President Xi Jinping of China, and ask yourself if that sounds like something a man eager to improve relations with the United States would do.

President Biden also told the press that he expects Russia to take action against cybercriminals and teased the possibility of “consequences.”

Maybe Biden might make another call and start begging instead…