Media Lied About Trump Not Paying For People’s Food At Diner

A report shows that the media made up a story that Donald Trump didn’t order food for everybody at Cafe Versaille, a Cuban eatery, and they later had to retract it discreetly.

Reporters were eager to say that following Trump’s court appearance on federal charges, he broke his pledge to give supporters dinner at Miami’s Versailles restaurant. No one, it seems, received anything.  Publications like Business Insider and Salon echoed the claim. 

Since then, Trump’s staff has disproven the allegation, showing that the media outlets never bothered to verify it with them before publishing their smear pieces.

In an updated version of their article, Insider admitted that Trump’s advance team paid for any take-out orders. 

The title of Insider’s piece, at least as of the time of writing, continues to imply that Trump left town without paying his bills.

According to a report, after pleading innocent to 37 felony charges connected to his alleged mismanagement and concealment of confidential White House records, former President Donald Trump stopped at the famed Miami diner to meet well-wishers. 

Miami’s Cuban population, which leans Republican and supports Trump, has long been centered around the renowned establishment. 

Politicians and dignitaries often stop by the Calle Ocho eatery for photos. 

Videos show Donald Trump, who turned 77 on June 14h, was serenaded by his followers with “Happy Birthday” during the unannounced visit.  He met and shook hands with Jorge Masvidal, a former MMA fighter from Miami.

The ex-president also met with religious leaders, including a pastor and rabbi, who prayed for him.

There is great news for President Trump, according to a Harris-Harvard survey that came out last Friday.

With a favorable rating of 45%, President Trump remains one of the most popular political people in the nation today.  Tied with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Elon Musk is on the same 45 percent bandwagon.