Meghan Markle Had A Secret Nickname Among Her Former Staff

( A new book claims that palace officials referred to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, as a “narcissistic psychopath” and identified themselves as members of the “Sussex Survivors Club.”

The publication date for the book “Courtiers: the Hidden Power Behind the Crown,” penned by The Times correspondent Valentine Low, is October 6. Low claims that prior accounts of Markle’s difficulty may have been superficial.

According to the book’s sources, the team labeled Meghan as a “narcissistic sociopath.”
They allegedly said several times that “We were played.”

According to Low, Private Secretary Sam Cohen forewarned the staff members from the start that they must demonstrate what he called a “duty of care” for both Markle and Prince Harry, forecasting that the entire organization would probably be evaluated based on their happiness.

One former employee allegedly told Low that the error they made was assuming that Markle wanted to be happy. She wanted to be rejected since she had been fixated on that story since the beginning.

Another employee told Low that Prince Harry was just as challenging as his wife and that the Royal Family could not deal with their conduct. Staff is unsure of what to do when someone chooses to be unkind. They said that she ran them over first, followed by Harry.

Staff members were shocked when Markle and Prince Harry unexpectedly announced their intention to quit royal life despite the treatment they had received. The rest of the team wasn’t informed until a meeting at Buckingham Palace at the start of January 2020, according to Low, who noted that shortly before the end of the year, Meghan confided to a member of her staff that the pair were not coming back.

Low stated that the staff found it difficult to understand they were being abandoned like that, and some were crying.

Numerous palace intrigue articles have focused on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle before and after they left the palace. Most recently, with the loss of Queen Elizabeth II, there have been rumors that King Charles III would take action to deny his second son the right to represent the Crown if he ever becomes incapacitated.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are like a 3-car traffic accident. You know you shouldn’t slow down to look at it, but… anyway, Good luck, Chuck.