Megyn Kelly Reveals The First “Fan Letter” She Ever Sent

( Last week, during her Sirius XM podcast, host Megyn Kelly revealed to actor Kirk Cameron that the only fan letter she ever wrote to a star when she was a “tween” was to him.

Cameron appeared on “The Megyn Kelly Show” last Thursday where the 52-year-old actor and the host discussed a wide range of topics, including the controversy over two public libraries that refused to permit him to host a story hour featuring his new children’s book.

Kelly told the actor that she was a “starry-eyed young woman” in her “tweens” when Cameron was starring on the TV show “Growing Pains.” Kelly revealed to Cameron that he was “the only fan letter I’ve ever written,” prompting the actor to smile and laugh.

Kelly described hand-writing the letter, telling Cameron that she remembered “trying to convince you to love me.” She said she listed her “credentials,” like her accomplishments in school, adding that she couldn’t remember if she sent it to him, “but I never got a response.”

Cameron joked that he did get Kelly’s letter and that he was appearing on her show so he could “finally reply after 35 years” to thank her for her letter. “It was so sweet,” Cameron added.

He told Kelly that he would send her “the last remaining dreamy Mike Seaver pillowcase,” which he said should come in the mail in a couple of days.

A joking Megyn Kelly told Cameron that she could “die now.”

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It was reported this week that the two public libraries finally caved to public pressure and will let Cameron appear.

Fox News reported that after Cameron threatened to go to court, the Indianapolis Public Library and Scarsdale Public Library, which both hosted “drag queen story hours,” agreed to schedule Cameron’s story hour events.

Cameron will be reading his children’s book, “As You Grow.”