Megyn Kelly Says Young People Should Pay Off Their Own Debt – “We Paid Them Back!”

( On Tuesday, Megyn Kelly, an independent journalist, made it clear that she is fed up with the left’s quest to abolish student debt.
On Monday’s broadcast of her eponymous Sirius XM show, Kelly said that she was sure it was a ruse to prevent the Democratic Party from suffering a bloodbath in November’s midterm elections.
Kelly asked her guests, “Ruthless” podcast hosts Comfortably Smug, Josh Holmes, and Michael Duncan if they had received free education.
Smug said he attended a school that he could afford and worked to help pay for it. He said he used to work as a bouncer at a college dive club and lamented that the bouncers are the ones that have to clean the bathrooms.
Kelly laughed and said she didn’t think that was true, and someone was taking advantage of him.
Smug said that everyone in the country has always figured out a way to pay for their tuition and that progressivism masquerades as compassion. But it isn’t; it’s a gift to the wealthiest, most liberal coastal elites.
Kelly went on to tell about her own life, including how her father died when she was still in high school and how she had two elder brothers who were already in college.
He was just 45, and they weren’t wealthy and didn’t have a lofty life insurance policy. He had the bare minimum for a professor in his forties. Her mother used the life insurance to try and help pay for the children’s tuition, but they still were forced to take out loans.
Did that experience influence how Kelly feels about taking out loans to cover education costs?
She said it would have been nice to have someone else pick up the tab but doesn’t think her neighbors, for instance, should be on the hook for her bill. She said her mom made a sacrifice, the kids took out loans, and they paid them back.
Kelly ended her rant by characterizing the kids who go to Columbia and want their tuition paid by taxpayers as “snot noses.”
“Why should I be paying for their education? I don’t want to!” exclaimed Kelly.