Melania Trump Unveils Holiday Collection Of NFTs

Melania Trump is set to release additional non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called the “1776 Collection” for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend.

The collection, titled Celebrating Our Nation’s Independence, includes six pieces of digital artwork:  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness; Let Freedom Ring; Yearning to Breathe Free; A New Nation, Conceived in Liberty With Liberty and Justice for All.

Artwork on the NFTs includes Mount Rushmore, the Liberty Bell, and a snapshot of the D.C. landscape featuring prominent markers such as the Washington Monument and the Statue of Liberty. 

Each NFT is priced at $50 and features patriotic music playing in the background.

The great American sites she enjoyed seeing while serving as the first lady inspired the 1776 Collection of artwork. According to her, each sculpture offers a glimpse into our country’s history, culture, and patriotism.

Melania said her inspiration is the words within the Declaration of Independence.

Foster the Future, a project under the umbrella of the Be Best initiative will receive a portion of the earnings to fund its mission of providing foster children with access to quality education and financial aid.

Melania Trump has previous experience with NFTs.

In December 2021, she released the Melania’s Vision series, which were images of Melania’s eyes. A portion of the proceeds from that collection also went to help children exiting the foster care system.

Since departing the White House, Mrs. Trump, quite the entrepreneur, has expressed her desire to create a Freedom of Speech platform. She said her new NFT gallery,, utilizes the decentralized nature of Blockchain Technology, providing a direct connection to people globally.

Last year, in preparation for President’s Day, Melania Trump created a collection of NFTs called the POTUS TRUMP NFT Collection to honor milestones in her husband’s presidency.

Former President Donald Trump has entered the world of NFTs by offering his own set.

Trump’s decision to sell NFTs has faced criticism from some. 

During a December 2022 appearance on the War Room podcast, Dr. Sebastian Gorka stated that the president should not be involved with this.

General Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser to Trump, expressed a similar criticism during a radio show appearance on Thursday. Flynn said whoever advised him on that, I’d fire them immediately, per the outlet.

According to reports, Trump made $1 million with a series of digital trading cards he released before Christmas. These cards portrayed a photoshopped Trump in various action-hero images, such as an astronaut and a cowboy.