Michelle Obama Denies Trump’s Claim About Size Of Inauguration Crowd Despite Photos 

(Republicaninformer.com)- In a recent podcast, Michelle Obama said she sobbed uncontrollably for “30 minutes straight” after she and her family took off from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on the day Donald Trump took office. 

In a segment from her new podcast “Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast” shared this week by People magazine, the former First Lady said her 30-minute crying jag was an emotional release after eight years of “holding it together.” 

Michelle had previously described the final hours of the Obama presidency as the kind of chaos most parents are familiar with, with final packing and goodbyes to staff and friends, as well as preparing tea for incoming First Lady Melania Trump. 

In her podcast, Michelle said when she arrived at the Capitol for Trump’s inauguration, she had been disappointed because the ceremony didn’t reflect “the broader sense of America.” Michelle complained about the lack of diversity among those seated on the stage, saying she was watching the opposite of what the Obama inauguration displayed. 

“There was no color on that stage,” Michelle said. 

Michelle added that she knew she had to “hold it together” the same way she had for the previous eight years. Though, she admitted she didn’t hide it well, as evidenced by the photos showing her grumpy expression. 

In describing the moment Marine One lifted off from Joint Base Andrews and flew over the Capitol, Michelle said that she was struck by how few people were in attendance at Trump’s inauguration. 

Of course, by the time Michelle was flying overhead on Marine One, Trump’s inauguration was already over. 

Michelle’s new podcast, which is a follow-up to her most recent memoir “The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times,” will feature conversations Michelle had with such personalities as Oprah Winfrey, David Letterman, and Gayle King while she was doing her book tour last year, according to the Washington Post.