Microsoft To Dump $1 Billion Into One County

( Technological giant Microsoft is reportedly dumping $1 billion over the next decade into Catawba County, North Carolina. Officials from the company say that they are looking at investing in four database centers in Conover, Hickory, and Maiden.

The company is reportedly receiving economic grants and tax breaks from the county and the three cities in association with the $1 billion to be spent by the company, according to WSOC. Land has also been set aside for Microsoft in areas with pre-existing developments.

City leaders appear to be more excited than residents who live nearby but cannot say anything specific as a result of signing nondisclosure agreements. While Hickory city leaders say that the development is big for the county, residents are worried about its inconvenience.

One person reportedly said that she thinks it will cause more traffic and confusion.

This is not the first time the county has had data centers in Maiden. Since 2009, Apple has employed hundreds of people after investing nearly $3 billion into the area, generating $2 million every year in taxes while the town has been able to lower its taxes for its 3,700 residents twice.

The town manager reportedly stated that because of Apple’s investment, Maiden has built a new fire department, police department, and town hall.

Another resident, Bill Castell, has also had mixed feelings about the project, saying that Apple’s investment has proven to be positive for the town and that hopefully, when Microsoft moves in, “it will be a positive impact as well.”

Microsoft has reported last month that growth is expected to slow because of weaker PC sales, according to CNBC. A company spokesperson said that they will be laying off a round of additional workers to deal with the tightening revenue.

This follows a pattern in other technological companies, such as Meta Platforms and Salesforce, who have also slowed their hiring.

“Like all companies, we evaluate our business priorities on a regular basis, and make structural adjustments accordingly,” a Microsoft spokesperson said, adding that they will continue to invest and hire in “key growth areas.”