Migrant Wanted for Murder in Mexico Crosses Border After Title 42 Scrapped

Over the last four years, the state of affairs within the United States have rapidly altered, and not for the better. For many generations, it was often quipped that the nation was the “land of opportunity” for all those who sought it. Indeed, in the past, waves of immigrants arrived on the shores of the United States and ventured into a new nation dedicated to bettering themselves. But they were not selfish individuals who sought to create ethnic enclaves and refused to assimilate to the existing culture; instead, previous waves of immigration to the United States historically sought to shed previous national identities and wholly committed themselves to becoming part of the existing, traditional national culture of the union. In today’s world, this has changed dramatically. Indeed, since the mid-1960s and the significant changes to national immigration patterns that have occurred since this period of time, America has lost a sense of social cohesion and the national identify of the country is now increasingly in question.

This is in large part due to the fact that scores of foreign immigrants have arrived on the shores of the country and “bucked” the historical trends of previous generations of immigrants. Truly, in the modern sense many immigrants arrive in the United States and fail to assimilate; they have no desire to do so. What has resulted has been a fissuring of national culture and the establishment of many ethnic enclaves that have functioned as semi-autonomous communities detached from a collective American culture. Indeed, this is apparent when people visit major cities like New York, California and experience entire sections of a city in which english is not the primary language and there appears no desire to learn the language.

The problem of immigration has been worsened due to massive waves of illegal migration in recent years. After the Biden administration revoked title 42, a Mexican migrant wanted for murder crossed the border.