Mike Huckabee Says D.C.’s Mayor Doesn’t Even Follow Her Own Rules

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Like nearly every other Democrat that has imposed COVID restrictions on the public, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser doesn’t feel the need to follow her own restrictions. After announcing the return of indoor masking for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, Bowser was photographed more than once at indoor events without a mask.

When Bowser was exposed for her hypocrisy by Washington Examiner reporter Tiana Lowe, Bowser first claimed that she was wearing a mask, but only removed it when eating and drinking. Lowe then released video showing Bowser’s claim to be a lie.

When asked by a reporter about Lowe’s exposé, rather than address her failure to follow her own mandated masking, Bowser attacked Tiana Lowe and the Washington Examiner. Calling the Examiner “right-wing wingnuts,” Bowser said she wasn’t going to give Lowe’s report “a lot of energy.”

She then tried to shift the blame to “COVID deniers,” saying they are the reason the country is not able to recover from COVID. She claimed Lowe and the Examiner were among these “COVID deniers” who were “telling their followers” not to get the vaccine.

Even Left-leaning fact-checkers disputed Bowser’s claim that Tiana Lowe or the Examiner were “telling the followers” not to get vaccinated.

Bowser also accused Lowe and the Examiner of spending “two or three days spreading disinformation.” The so-called “disinformation” being photographic and video evidence that Muriel Bowser isn’t following the same mask mandate she’s imposed on DC.

Bowser’s laughable excuses and deflections didn’t even fool the Democrat-defenders at the Washington Post. It’s fact-checker gave Bowser four Pinocchios for her spin on Tiana Lowe’s report.

On Monday, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee joined Fox & Friends where he slammed Bowser for joining the ranks of hypocrite Democrats who impose mandates on the people which they refuse to follow.

Huckabee summed up the irritating phenomenon as “rules for thee, but not for me.”

Watch the clip HERE.

As radio host Jesse Kelly often says, none of the people telling Americans to worry about COVID are worried of COVID. If Muriel Bowser believed that masks save lives, she would have worn a mask. If Biden believed the spread of COVID is as deadly as he claims, he wouldn’t be permitting COVID-infected illegal to flood over our border, let alone transport them around the country.

The reason these rules do not apply to those in power is because the rules have nothing to do with coronavirus and everything to do with maintaining power over the people.