Mike Pence Refuses To Say If Trump Is Fit For Office

(Republicaninformer.com)- Even after everything that occurred between January 6th and the Republican Party’s losses in the midterm elections, Mike Pence refrained from stating openly if he thinks Donald Trump is suitable to be president again. He said that he doesn’t know “what the future holds.”

On Monday night, David Muir of ABC News published the entirety of his interview with Pence, which took place as the former vice president was promoting his new memoir, titled So Help Me God.

Given all that he witnessed in the Capitol on that day, Muir asked Pence for a straightforward answer to a yes or a no question- Did he believe that Donald Trump should ever be president again?”

He asked on Tuesday when it was anticipated that Trump would announce his intention to run for president again in 2024.

Pence stumbled over his response and said that he thinks that’s up to the American people. He went on to say, “I hope we’ll have better choices in the future.”

Muir probed him further on the subject by asking, “better choices than Donald Trump?”

Pence gave a slight nod in acknowledgment before saying that he and his family would be pondering about what their role is in that.

Pence continued the discussion by stating that he and his family are currently giving “prayerful consideration” to the question of whether or not he should run for president in 2024. After hearing this, Muir questioned, “Do you believe that you are capable of defeating Donald Trump?”

Pence responded to the question by saying that that would be for others to say, and it would be for his family to decide if they want to test that.

“So if you make the decision to run and he’s up there, you’ll just have to deal with it?” Muir asked.

Pence responded with an affirmative, “So be it.”

He said that even if Donald Trump makes another White House bid, he thinks “we’ll have better choices” than the former president.