Mike Pence Returns To Media Spotlight Trashing Trump And Republicans

(Republicaninformer.com)- Who bears the greater responsibility for the unrest on January 6, 2021?

Was it President Donald Trump who asked his one million followers to peacefully march and assemble outside the US Capitol?

Or perhaps it was Mike Pence who lied to the American people before betraying Trump and his supporters?

Pence infamously said, “We all got our doubts about the last election. I want to ensure I share the concerns of millions of Americans about voting irregularities. I promise you come this Wednesday; we will have our day in Congress. We’ll hear objections, we’ll hear the evidence.

Nothing of the sort ever happened. Pence went along with the media-created narrative that there was no corruption and every claim had been “debunked.”

In an interview with David Muir at ABC News over the weekend, Mike Pence criticized President Trump once more.

“The president’s statements were reckless,” said Mike Pence. He said they put everyone at the Capitol building, including him and his family, in danger.

It should be noted that the only fatalities that day were those caused by police beating, shooting, or gassing Trump supporters. Many still say that a police officer was “killed” by protestors. The claim is that he was beaten with a fire extinguisher. That never happened.

It’s very similar to the firmly held belief by the know-nothing left that Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed unarmed black men at a protest and “got away with murder.”

If you ask 100 left-wingnuts if Trump suggested that people drink bleach to fight Covid, 99 would most likely say “yes.”

Another belief is that Nick Sandman got in the face of a native American and taunted the peaceful man by smirking and making fun of him. The reality is that the native American approached Sandman, got in his face, and taunted him while the young man smiled nervously, not knowing what was wanted from him.

This is why Pence is beloved by the fake news. They enjoy disparaging Trump and his working-class supporters, and they enjoy the false narrative the feckless Pence hands them.