Military Family Left In Tears After Delivery Driver’s Actions

A military family was left in tears after an Amazon delivery driver’s actions and respect toward the American flag hanging out in front of their house, according to The Western Journal. The driver has been identified as Delawrence Jones and he was videoed by the Ring doorbell camera on the property of Tom and Jenni Dexter of Saginaw, Michigan. 

The viral video showed the gentleman walking up to the doorstep to deliver a package before ducking as he passed the flag. After dropping off the package, Jones went back to the flag, which had been wrapped around the flagpole because of the wind. He fixed it and then took a step back and saluted it. 

Jenni was taken aback by the gesture, saying it brought her to tears, which led her to post the video online to share it with the rest of the country. Tom said that he witnessed it happen as he was approaching his home and went back in to check the camera to confirm that he did see what he saw. That was when he showed his wife.

Before it was shared, Jenni had found Jones online and asked him about the incident. After it was shared on social media, both Jones and the Dexters were interviewed by Fox News. Jenni said that they had 11 members of the family who served in the military and so Jones’ actions had touched their hearts. She added that patriotism in the U.S. is low these days, but this small thing done by Jones made a big impact. 

She suggested that if everyone could do something as small as what Jones did, then there can be a difference. 

Meanwhile, some Americans cannot get passed the history of the United States and that reportedly taints their feelings toward the flag.