Military Plagued By Few And Poorly Qualified Recruits

Over the last several decades and even prior, mass migration to Europe and the United States from other countries outside of the continents of North America and Europe has been commonplace. This trend is most prevalent in major cities. In places like Camden, Baltimore, New York City or Newark, the demographics are majority-minority; that is, non-white inhabitants comprise the overwhelming extent of citizens within those urban areas. In the United Kingdom, the latest census showed statistics that the country’s two largest cities- London and Birmingham, have become “majority minority”. While the effects of this decades-long trend in migration have often been downplayed and many political leftists across the west have deemed the increase in ethnic diversity as a positive force, in truth the increasingly “multicultural” nature of western society has created significant polarization and has severely damaged and eroded traditional European and American cultures in many regards.

Politicians in both Europe and America have done little to address the growing challenges migration poses to the well-being and stability of their nations. In the aftermath of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 in which 13 servicemembers died, many Afghanis that had been partial to the American and western powers have been displaced.

As conditions deteriorate overseas, things are not much better in the domestic United States, as an increasingly heterogeneous population has helped to create a serious decline in community and a sense of a shared national identity and culture. A notable effect of this decline is a decrease in people wishing to serve in the military. As the federal government continues to be controlled by far left radicals that push toxic and anti-American ideologies (even in the military), able bodied patriotic men are increasingly less likely to serve. Going into 2024, the military decreased its qualifications standards to their lowest levels since world war two in a desperate attempt to accept into service any person who wishes to serve.