Minors Found Dumping Trash Overboard in Florida to be Charged

On Friday, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission made an announcement stating that two young individuals who were involved in dumping trash off the Florida coast during Boca Bash have voluntarily surrendered to the authorities.

These individuals are minors.

At Boca Bash, a video went viral on social media that depicted two teens on a boat dumping garbage cans filled with bottles and trash into the ocean before heading back to the event.

According to Maj. Dustin Bonds, a south region commander with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), attorneys advised the juveniles not to cooperate with investigators.

The agency will collaborate with prosecutors in Palm Beach County’s state attorney’s office to ascertain the suitable charge. According to Bonds, the charges could be impacted by the weight of the garbage dumped into the Boca Inlet on Sunday.

Bonds expressed his astonishment while watching the video, as he had never witnessed someone disposing of trash in the ocean before.

The wildlife agency has also identified other individuals seen on the boat.

However, Bonds expressed his hope that the individuals would come forward and cooperate with investigators. Bonds mentioned that there were approximately 16 minors on the ship, and so far, only one of them has chosen to cooperate with investigators.

According to the organizers, the individuals in the video were present at the yearly Boca Bash event. The organizers are currently working with authorities to identify them.

The Boca Bash expressed deep anger and disturbance over these actions in a statement on its Facebook page. After sharing the video, they immediately collaborated with the community to identify the boat owner and the individuals involved.

The organizers hope that the consequences imposed will serve as a clear message to the public about the significance of our waters.