Mitch McConnell Predicts There Will Be No Government Shutdown

( Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell predicted on Tuesday that the looming government shutdown won’t happen, as the government heads once again towards the possibility of being unable to meet America’s national debt obligations.

During an interview with Fox News, McConnell – who is facing increasing pressure from Republicans and even former President Donald Trump to step down – dismissed talk from many conservatives that they would hold up any potential stopgap funding bill to pay the national debt until they get a vote in Congress on defunding the Biden vaccine mandate for large employers.

McConnell said that linking the funding bill, which would prevent the U.S. from defaulting on debt repayments, to a vote on stopping Biden’s unconstitutional mandate was a bad idea and would “create chaos and uncertainty.”

He might well say that, but it doesn’t mean the rest of the Republican Party agrees…

“I don’t think shutting down the government over this issue is going to get an outcome. It would only create chaos and uncertainty, so I don’t think that’s the best vehicle to get this job done,” McConnell told Fox.

It comes as Senators Mike Lee and Roger Marshall, of Utah and Kansas, push for the government funding bill to be tied to a vote on Biden’s mandate – presumably in the hope that a sufficient number of Democrats would side with them on stopping the unconstitutional overreach that is costing Americans their jobs.

Senator Lee told Politico’s Playbook that he would refuse to help speed up the consideration of yet another stopgap funding bill, which is also referred to as a “continuing resolution,” unless they got the vote.

He said that it’s not unreasonable for his Democratic colleagues to delay the enforcement of mandates for at least the length of the next stopgap funding period.

Sounds fair, right?

If the Democrats can insist that Republicans tie the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill to the $3 trillion social spending plan, then why can’t Republicans give them a dose of their own medicine?